Biography, exhibitions and reviews


Originally from Gisborne on the east coast of NZ’s North Island and has lived in Adelaide since 1985.

Qualifications include a Diploma in Teaching  (Auckland); Graduate Diploma in Public Sector Management (UniSA), Cert IV. in Music (Uni of Adelaide), Diploma in Art (UniSA), and Master of Visual Art (UniSA).

Has worked as a school teacher in NZ, Nauru and Australia, a lecturer in painting and drawing in tertiary colleges in Adelaide, and in policy development for the SA State Government.

Represented in private and public collections in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Europe and the UK.


2018 Fibonacci in Nature, Mt Gambier SA (group)
2018 Mrs Harris’ Shop, Adelaide (troika)
2016 Black Diamond Gallery, Adelaide (group)
2015 Tapu-te-ranga Gallery, Wellington NZ (joint)
2015 Tairawhiti Museum & Art Gallery, Gisborne NZ (solo)
2011 Gaff Gallery, Adelaide SA (joint)
2008 Greenhill Galleries, Adelaide SA (solo)
2007 Greenhill Galleries, Adelaide SA (solo)
2007 Greenhill Galleries, Adelaide SA (group)
2006 Kensington Gallery, Adelaide SA (solo)
2002 Kensington Gallery, Adelaide SA (solo)
1998 Art Museum, University of South Australia (group)
1998 Oedipus Rex Gallery, Auckland NZ (solo)
1996 Oedipus Rex Gallery, Auckland NZ (solo)
1996 Helpmann Academy, Adelaide (group)
1995 Oedipus Rex Gallery, Auckland NZ (solo)
1994 Gisborne Museum & Art Centre (Tairawhiti), NZ (solo)
1994 Oedipus Rex Gallery, Auckland NZ (group)
1994 The Potters Shop & Gallery, Wellington NZ (joint)
1993 Art Zone Gallery, Adelaide SA (group)
1992 Fine Art Framers Gallery, Adelaide SA (joint)
1992 Whitecliffs Gallery, Gisborne NZ (solo)
1991 Greenhill Galleries, Adelaide SA (group)
1991 Charlotte H Galleries, Auckland NZ (solo)
1991 Harrison’s Gallery, Tauranga NZ (solo)
1990 Gisborne Museum and Arts Centre (Tairawhiti), NZ (solo)
1990 Charlotte H Galleries, Auckland NZ (group)
1989 NASA Gallery, Adelaide SA (group)
1989 Sailmaker Gallery, Port Adelaide SA (solo)
1988 Manawatu Art Gallery, Palmerston North NZ (solo)
1988 Port Adelaide Art Show, Adelaide SA (First Prize)
1987 Bread & Roses Gallery, Gisborne NZ (solo)
1987 Flying Moas Gallery, Gisborne NZ (solo)
1987 Art Zone Gallery, Adelaide SA (group)
1986 NASA Gallery, Adelaide SA (group)


‘… reminiscent of the work of John Olsen …’ Adelaide Review

‘… work demonstrates a high degree of professionalism. These appealing works combine architecture with figures. The architecture, mainly classical porticos, is very accurately drawn. Against these precise columns a variety of figures disport themselves. They are done in a spontaneous lively way and close examination of the work shows deft intriguing passages of paint where a variety of techniques exploit underpaint and qualities of brushwork.’ …
T.J. McNamara, NZ Herald

‘…. Jan Shone’s paintings have an exhilarating quality: her delight in familiar objects of everyday life and her keen sense of pattern, imbue her works with a dynamic zest that is quite palpable.’ …N. Maclean, Gisborne Herald

‘…. Wonderfully deep rich, warm colours, red, pink, yellow and ochre sing beside mauves, greens and intense blue …. Thick, wide stokes float over faint underpainting…. an eruption of energy as the flowers seem to twist out from the vase….C.M. Donald, Bay of Plenty Times